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 The Only Thing Necessary For Evil to Triumph is for Good Men to do Nothing  -- Edmund Burke    


Word - Faith

Death By Faith - Mike Oppenheimer

Walter Martin's Warning To The Church - Mike Oppenheimer       

Robert Tilton: Desperate Times? - Steve Muse

Do We Have All Authority? - Mike Oppenheimer

Kenneth Copeland: Jesus is 'no longer called the only begotten son of God'

The Words You Speak By Faith Are What You Get - Mike Oppenheimer

Who Wants to be a god? - Mike Oppenheimer

Disturbing Trends Within WoF: Scripture Twisting 'Jedi Mind Tricks'

Televangelist Mike Murdock Moves Financial Books Behind Closed Doors - Darren Barbee

Divorce Records: Pastor's Lavish Lifestyle Funded By Church - WFTV.COM, Orlando

MinistryWatch.com Issues Donor Alert for Joyce Meyer Ministries - PDF

Christian network's chairman indicted



Mississippi minister seeks truth about faith healings - Grace Thorton

Letter to the President of Fiji concerning Benny Hinn - Mike Luo, The New York Times


T.B. Joshua "To Deceive Even the Elect" - Sandy Simpson



Peter Popoff Back to his old tricks! - Sandy Simpson



Televangelist Couple at center of controversy - Brett Shipp, WFAA - TV


The Miracle Man - Trinidad & Tobago's Newsday, 6/03/06



False Anointings - Spiritual Research Network






Jet flight records spur ministry questions - Brett Shipp, WFAA-TV 8, 3/3/07



Where Do Your Donations Go? - Glenn Ruppel and John Stossel, ABC News 20/20, 3/26/07



Of Faith, Fame & Fortune - Michelle Bearden and Baird Helgeson, TBO.com



Prayer Papers and Power Encounters - Pastor Larry DeBruyn, 8/30/07



THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT - Pastor Larry DeBruyn, 8/30/07



Faith Healers and Dealers - Pastor Larry DeBruyn, 8/30/07



John Lake and the Healing Rooms - Mike Oppenheimer, 11/3/07



Senate Probes Televangelists' Finances - Laura Strickler, AOL News, 11/7/07


Tax-free opulence in the Lord's name - Ann Davies, The Age, 11/9/07


Minister questioning requests from senator - Christopher Quinn and Bill Rankin, Star-Telegram.com, 11/9/07


Going After the Money Ministries - David Van Biema, TIME, 11/16/07


ORU Provost: Don't reinstate Richard Roberts - Justin Jouzapavicius, The Associated Press, 11/18/07


Richard Roberts School president quits amid scandal - Star Telegram.com, 11/26/07


Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long Disregard Sen. Grassley's Deadline - EURweb, 12/7/07


Benny Hinn joins Creflo Dollar in refusing to answer questions in Senate investigation - Eric Gorski & Rachel Zoll, Tulsa World/Associated Press, 12/7/07


2 Televangelists Provide Financial Data - Eric Gorski, Associated Press, 12/7/07


Benny Hinn refuses to answer questions in Senate Investigation - KDBC 4 News/Associated Press, 12/7/07


Creflo Dollar Televangelist refuses  to turn over more financial documents - Carol Costello, CNN/Washington, 12/7/07


Televangelists'/Senate Investigation 12/10/07


Two evangelists lose clout on oru's board 12/11/07


'Gospel of Wealth' Facing Scrutiny - Eric Gorski, Associated Press, 12/28/07
Senator to Question Televangelists Again - Eric Gorski, Associated Press, 1/18/08
Tampa's Without Walls Church For Sale - Michelle Bearden and Baird Helgeson, The Tampa Tribune, 3/6/08
'Red Flags' surround prosperity of televangelist Kenneth Copeland's family - The Dallas Morning News/Associated Press 7/29/08
Furor Over Church Finances - Tanya Drobness, New Jersey News, The Star Ledger, 4/2/09
Richard Roberts: 'Sparking A Wave of Anger' in Scotland - Marc Horne, News Scotsman.com, 4/26/09
Believers Invest in the Gospel of Getting Rich - Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times
Sinister Ministers - Mike Oppenheimer, 1/6/10






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