A Reformation The Church Doesn’t Need – Answering Revisionist Pro-Gay Theology, Part I


Gregory Koukl & Alan Shlemon
Stand To Reason


The scene was familiar: a church filled with joyful Christians, singing well-known hymns, praising God with arms outstretched, enjoying beautiful, bountiful fellowship with each other.

reformation-project-logoThere was one significant difference, though, between this gathering and one you probably attend. All the participants were either homosexual or “gay affirming.” Plus, they’re on a mission to change your mind and your congregation’s theology about homosexuality.

Matthew Vines

It’s being called a new Reformation, but this is a reformation we do not need. These people are organized, serious, and single-minded—and you need to be ready for them, because and they are coming to your church.

The Reformation Project (TRP), founded by Matthew Vines, is one of a number of organizations in this movement hosting conferences around the country. Their mission: “We are dedicated to training LGBT Christians and their allies to reform church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity through the teaching of the Bible.” . . .

The current revisionist approach seeks to simplify an apparently complex textual issue by making a single, uncomplicated point:

The kind of same-sex behavior condemned in the Bible is not what modern-day LGBT Christians practice.

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