Benny Hinn

Justin Peters
Watchman Fellowship, Inc.


“Benedictus ‘Benny’ Hinn was born on December 3, 1952 in Israel. His family emigrated to Toronto, Canada shortly after 1967 where he attended Georges Vanier Secondary School. Hinn writes, ‘During my senior year at Georges Vanier, for the second time in my life I had an encounter with the Lord.’ School records indicate, that he was an undergraduate in 1972 and dropped out before graduation.

Hinn has given contradictory accounts of his conversion. In a devotional published by the Praise the Lord (PTL) network in 1981, he states, ‘I got saved in Israel in 1968.’ In a message delivered in St. Louis in 1983, however, he said, ‘…it was in Canada that I was born again.’ In Good Morning Holy Spirit, Hinn relates that he was saved not in 1968 but in February of 1972.

The call to ministry came while attending a Kathryn Khulman crusade. According to Hinn, miracles of healing began to take place all over the auditorium. ‘I went back to Canada and thought about it. I’m going to try this,’ I said.'” — Justin Peters

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