Captivated Through Philosophy and Empty Deceit

Rick Becker
Famine In The Land


It takes time and dedication for celebrity teachers to build a ministry. Social media is a vital aspect when it comes to building their brand. Instagram, twitter and Facebook are utilized to keep their followers up to date with the latest offerings, and the goal is to receive offerings. A cursory glance at their social media pages is often enough to trigger the Berean inside of you, but the biblically illiterate will be duped into believing their theologically bankrupt, and at times sheer nonsensical posts. Word of faith (WOF) heresy, the prosperity gospel, and the teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) are what these teachers have in common, in varying degrees. Here are some examples of what mesmerizes those who have been deceived by teachers who are not qualified to teach.

Jennifer LeClaire, news editor for Charisma magazine had thinking believers gobsmacked with her revelation of the “sneaky squid spirit.” She writes: “Fear can open the door to a squid spirit. The good news here is a squid’s tentacles do not grow back once severed. If you get discernment that a squid spirit is attacking you, repent for any known open doors, grab some intercessors, and get that sneaky stalker with its manipulating suckers off your mind! Sever the tentacles, in the name of Jesus, and walk free.”

Naturally, neither the gospels nor epistles make mention of this squid spirit.

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