Chad Taylor – A ‘New Breed’ Pied Piper

Diane Conklin
Christian Research Service
July 2009


Who is Chad Taylor?  In a “Press Release And Prophecy To The South,” dated February 19, 2009, he states of himself:

Chad has been traveling through the states of the South since 1999 laden with a desire to see God’s intent and purposes come to pass.  After many eventful and memorable moments over the years Chad is returning with a Word from the Lord.  Chad’s passion to see Jesus’ power revealed in the South has not waned despite his relocation to WA state after a 10 year absence traveling America.  Chad has been ministering extensively through the United States with many well known ministries such as Tommy Tenney, Francis Frangipane, Bill Hamon, Nicky Cruz and others with a clarion call for national revival.

On his YouTube site it is noted that, “Chad Taylor is a force to be reckoned with on the social and cultural landscape.  His two hard hitting critically acclaimed books have reached a world wide audience.  His candid and often controversial message has garnered him an international stage.”  As an “author, poet, philanthropist,” he offers an “up close look at the human experience in the ebb and tide of social changes and religious reform.”  On his website,, Taylor shares his “resume.”  Self-abasing, he tells of difficulties and sacrifices he’s experienced, suggesting a faint echo of the apostle Paul’s examples of suffering for the gospel.  He states:

We are not college bred but we know what it means to sleep cold and have nowhere to lay our head. We know what it means to be hard pressed on every side and seemingly no place to turn but up. To lay on a hard prison cell mattress counting the pock holes on the ceiling until your only recourse is to fall on your face and pray (“Special Letter and Introduction”).

As this exposé will attempt to demonstrate, many of Taylor’s sufferings throughout the years could be considered a direct result of a criminal lifestyle, as well as a profound contempt for doctrine conforming to godliness:

Many of you reading this have watched us as we have [gone]….from one state to the next as we pursued the elusive call of revival.  We have no doubt let you down and disappointed not a few as we failed to meet up to some invisible expectation but this one thing we HAVE done, “not looking back we have reached forward striving and reaching for a greater call in Christ Jesus” (“Special Letter and Introduction,” emphasis added).

Taylor’s words – whether spoken, written, or sung – flow forth abundantly, yet many fall short when lined up to the written Word of God.  But, as we shall see, God’s Word isn’t necessarily what directs Taylor’s faith and practice.  As a youth he demonstrated a robust affinity for breaking the law, as the website testimony of his juvenile criminal exploits describes:

So at the age of 14, I already found myself steeped in witchcraft and Satanism….At the age of 15 and 16, I found myself addicted to drugs and alcohol.  At least a $300 a day habit on cocaine, drugs….At the age of 16, they confined me – or incarcerated me, is probably a better word – to 90 days in a juvenile institution in Ellensburg, WA at a group home called Park Creek where I spent my first 3 months as a juvenile delinquent…as a criminal.

He ended up at a “higher security facility called Maple Lane” in Centralia, WA, three times:

I left worse and continued my escapades and spiraled down the criminal ladder and eventually ended up with 15 months that the judge gave me for numerous burglaries and forgeries that I had committed.  So I found myself again on the chain gang headed back to Maple Lane to do my time.

After doing his second stint at Maple Lane, he ran from a group home he was sent to.  With a first-degree escape warrant issued for his arrest and while viewing TV, waiting for a return phone call about a keg for a party of a friend, a female televangelist declared at one point, “God is calling you to preach.  Young man with long hair, God is calling you to preach.”  A visiting missionary on the program added, “Yes, the devil had you around the neck, young man, and God is calling you to preach. You have an anointing to preach the gospel of Jesus. You need to get on your knees right now and ask Jesus Christ into your heart.”  The missionary further indicated, “You’re a preacher.  You’ve got to tell someone you’re changed.”  Taylor states:

You’ve got to understand something.  This first month of my salvation, as I walked the streets of Yakima, I was still on escape from jail.  I was still a fugitive from justice.  I was still running from the law.  I might have been running from the law, friend, but I was not running from God anymore.  That’s what mattered to my heart at that moment.  I was not running from my creator any more.  He had arrested me.  He had apprehended me.  He had taken the reigns of my life.

Believing he was “changed” and after a few weeks of preaching “everywhere and anywhere,” the police also arrested and apprehended Taylor:

About a month into this experience, my grandpa called me on the phone at the place where I was at, and he said, “Chad, the police were just here.  They were going to arrest me for harboring a fugitive.  You gotta do something, Chad”….I went down to the basement [of the building he was at] and I cried out to God.  I said, “Oh, God, what should I do now?”….And I heard the Holy Spirit so clearly.  He said, “Chad, I’m sending you back for there is a work for you to do there.  There’s a work for you to do there.”….When I went back to that institution in Centralia, Maple Lane, there was no chaplain.  There was no chapel service.  It was absolute darkness.  The chaplain had been fired months prior to this.  There was absolutely no witness of Jesus.  There was no church service for these kids.

Out of a group of 150 kids that were residents of this institution, not one church service, not one chapel service, not one bible study, not one prayer meeting.  When I went back to the institution, sent by God, after I turned myself in, with the Holy Spirit and with His witness of what He had done in my life, with that white bible in my hand, that never, by the way, left my hand for the next 10 or 11 months of incarceration.  Within 10 months, my friend, 135 out of 150 were saved.  God swept that place.  Healings and miracles happened every day….God swept that place.  The guards would sneak into our cells in the middle of the night and ask for prayer.  They would ask for prayer for their loved ones, for their wives, for their children.  They would sneak in our cell in the middle of the night, open up our prison door, and ask us to pray for them.  They saw and witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit.

We checked out Taylor’s testimony by contacting the Maple Lane School, and discovered what he said and what school personnel reported are two very different accounts.  According to a source that investigated for us, a revival of sorts occurred when a special group came to the school years prior.  A witness to this event recalls the kids all “signed up” because this group promised to come back and talk to them.  Apparently, their interest was not in finding God, but having someone from the group to talk to.  Although Taylor was a resident at the facility, no one at the school remembers him per se or associates him with any revival.  Religious programs have always been in place and no one recalls daily healings, signs, miracles, guards opening cell doors for prayer, or God sweeping that place.  Taylor’s claims, including 135 kids being saved, don’t seem to be anywhere on the radar or in the annals of this institution.

According to public records from a variety of sources, Taylor’s active fingerprinting days lasted from at least 1986 through 1998, twelve years beyond his conversion when “[God] had taken the reigns of [his] life.”  According to these records, not only does Taylor have aliases, he has at minimum the following convictions:

  • 10 felonies (seven Class B and three Class C) consisting of burglary-2 (two counts), theft-1 (two counts), possession of stolen property-1, forgery (three counts), residential burglary, willful failing to return from furlough;
  • 3 unknown classifications consisting of theft, civil offense, and probation/supervision violation;
  • various misdemeanors consisting of false police report, obstruction, resisting a public officer, no valid operator’s license, and driving while license invalidated-3 (three counts).

“Failure To Appear” (FTA) and “Assigned to Collections” show up repeatedly among his conviction records.  Yakima Superior Court, Spokane Superior Court, and Superior Court of Washington for Kittitas County have all granted ten additional years to execute judgment on existing felony charge cases involving unpaid case collections.  And in other matters this year, lawsuits were started in the Yakima Superior Court and Yakima County District Court against Taylor by two plaintiffs who are collection agencies.

Adding to his infamy, he was spotted in 2002 on the Crime Stoppers of Yakima County website.  According to a recent verification statement by the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, a warrant for Taylor’s arrest “was issued by the office of the Yakima County Prosecutor’s Division of Child support on 08/29/2001 for Fail To Appear at a Show Cause Hearing with a bail of $10,000.  The warrant was cancelled by the Prosecutor’s office on 09/19/2007,”when he purged the contempt by making child support payments under court supervision.  During the years he avoided his paternal responsibility of paying child support and being wanted by the Washington state police, he pursued his revivalist activities, including prophesying over cities, states, and nations as if nothing was amiss.

Nearly a year after his Yakima County arrest warrant was issued, Charisma magazine featured an article titled “Revivalist is wanted by Police – Washington State holds three outstanding warrants for the evangelist, who led revivals this year in North Carolina,” dated July 31, 2002, which reads in part:

Charismatic pastors in the Southeast are being more careful after booking a revival speaker earlier this year who turned out to be a fugitive from justice.  Four in the region (and one in Idaho) contacted by Charisma have disassociated themselves from evangelist Chad Taylor, a former Washington state resident who developed a following in the Northwest before moving to North Carolina. As of June, he had relocated his ministry to Nashville, Tenn….

There were three outstanding criminal warrants for the evangelist. Authorities in Yakima County, Wash., issued two of them after Taylor failed to appear for a court hearing last August about child support he owed for two children….

At press time, according to the prosecutor’s office in Yakima, Taylor had paid $1,300 since his arrest warrant was issued.  The evangelist also owes current support of $514 a month.  His children, ages 8 and 13, are of separate mothers.

Taylor never married the first woman but did marry the second after the child’s birth, according to Kevin Callaghan, chief deputy in the prosecutor’s child-support division. Callaghan said the marriage ended in divorce in 1996….

Taylor insists he has not rejected counsel about the need to clean up his act.  At least two pastors say otherwise.

Instead of obeying the law and taking heed to counsel, Taylor opted to “spread revival” in the name of the same God who declares,  “Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal…‘Everyone who names the name of the Lord is to abstain from wickedness’” (2 Timothy 2:19). According to the same article, he also pulled another FTA at a Passion for Harvest conference he helped to organize and advertised on his website:

The no-show came a month after Yakima County’s Crime Stoppers program posted Taylor’s photo on its website. He was the first person listed on the site for failing to pay child support, the sum of which totaled more than $47,000 in late May….The evangelist said his legal problems weren’t the reason he didn’t appear at the Passion for Harvest conference in Boise. He said it was because the Lord directed him to remain in North Carolina….“In war, if the entire army…went to just one battlefield, who would protect the rest of the territory?” he asked. “We are holding the East Coast; Passion for Harvest was holding the West. We are succeeding in both.”

Taylor may have believed he was succeeding in the “dominion mandate,” but he was definitely not succeeding in the Scriptural mandate of abstaining from wickedness.  He continued to fail miserably in spite of his outward appearance as a believer, evangelist, revivalist and prophet, holding to a form of godliness, although denying its power.  One pastor quoted in Charisma stated, “There just needs to be some help with accountability.  I think God is doing that work even as we speak.”  Another said, “I believe God’s hand is on him.  I don’t want to destroy him.”  Believing Taylor to be a “fire-starter” with “a call and a gifting,” these Charismatic pastors further clouded the issue of his underlying disregard for Scripture and moral purity.

However much the court system itself has the potential to assist with accountability, it appears in Taylor’s case, cooperation is not easily nor readily procured from him by the legal powers that be.  The Charisma article also revealed that “Neighboring Kittitas County issued the other [criminal warrant(s) for Taylor’s arrest] for failure to pay full restitution for a 1994 residential burglary.  Taylor pleaded guilty to that crime and served about half of a 15-month sentence,” and that “Kittitas County also wants Taylor to settle criminal restitution he owes.  Margaret Sowards of the county’s prosecutor’s office said Taylor owed about $1,000 of almost $1,700 he agreed to pay as part of his plea.”  According to public court records from the Superior Court of Washington County of Kittitas, the court found Taylor guilty of a felony residential burglary he committed, along with an accomplice, on May 10, 1994.  Required by the court to pay restitution, which “the court specifically finds that the defendant [Taylor] has the ability to pay,” Taylor instead earns himself a probation violation and a subsequent bench warrant for his arrest in 1997 because he “failed to make payments on his legal financial obligations as required.”  A “Notice of Violation” explains:

A review of Taylor’s repayment activity reveals he has not made a payment on his court-ordered legal financial obligation since sentencing [1994].  Per information received from the Kittitas County Clerk’s Office, his co-defendant [accomplice] has made all payments posted to this cause….It appears he [Taylor] needs to face the court and be made accountable for his lack of regular monthly payments and response to the directives of the Department of Corrections.  Should the court find him to be in willful violation, punitive action is recommended.

Arrested on February 12, 1998, Taylor served about a week in jail.  Astonishingly, Taylor continued to violate the conditions of his probation by failing to make any payments up to this point and earned himself yet another probation violation and another subsequent bench warrant for his arrest in 1999.  Then, in 2002, the Charisma article was published about his criminal arrest warrants, as noted above.  The Superior Court of Washington Kittitas County issued a 2004 order granting an additional ten years (till 2014) to execute judgment in Taylor’s case.  And, an “Order To Show Cause” was also issued that same year ordering the defendant, Taylor, to “appear before the Court December 3, 2004 at 8:30 a.m….to show cause why [he] has not paid his legal financial obligations.  Failure to appear will result in this matter being turned over to collections without further notice to the defendant.”  Taylor pulled another FTA.  How disturbing that a Christian revivalist would demonstrate such a blatant continuation of ungodly behavior and utter disregard toward the unfortunate married couple he burglarized, as well as toward the legal financial obligations that would help him make things right.  One would think he would have repented and desperately wanted to make restitution for the sake of Christ.  Taylor’s legal financial issues and profound contempt for doctrine conforming to godliness applied to his own life beg two questions: 1) Is his Jesus the true Jesus of the Bible?, and 2) If Taylor can’t or won’t manage his own household affairs aright, why does he (or anyone) think he’s fit to manage the affairs of the Kingdom aright?  For further information regarding public records of the ongoing saga of the State of Washington vs. Chad Allen Taylor (Case #94-1-00088-7), contact the Kittitas Superior Court at (509) 962-7531.

Taylor has been working with The Father’s House in Stockton, CA, since at least September 2007.  The church’s motto is “Breaking the traditions of man when necessary to keep the commandments of God.”  Taylor’s motto could well be “Breaking the commandments of God when necessary to keep the traditions of man.”  True to heretical tenets of Gnosticism, he discounts the significance of sin and need for obedience.  You won’t find a “Statement of Faith” or “What I Believe” on Taylor’s website, but his Third Wave, Gnostic writings/prophecies reveal he denies the sufficiency of Scripture.  Those in the Third Wave Movement, such as Taylor, view mystical knowledge or private “revelation” divinely authoritative.  Taylor may consider himself as being obedient to revelatory (subjective) “words,” however his habitual practice of disobeying God’s (objective) written commands is more telling than anything else one could credit to him.  Immersed in mysticism and subjectivity (both diametrically opposed to discernment), he leads others astray into self-authenticating deception that cannot be validated by rational means or objective truth.  Arthur L. Johnson writes in Faith Misguided: Exposing the Dangers of Mysticism:

The experience convinces the mystic in such a way, and to such a degree, that he simply cannot doubt its value and the correctness of what he believes it “says.”  …In its crudest form this position says that believing something to be so makes it so.  The idea is that ultimate reality is purely mental; therefore one is able to create whatever reality one wishes.  Thus the mystic “creates” truth through his experience.  In a less extreme form, the view seems to be that there are “alternate realities,” one as real as another, and that these “break in upon” the mystic in his experiences.  Whatever form is taken, the criterion of truth is again a purely private and subjective experience that provides no means of verification and no safeguard against error.  Nevertheless, it is seen by the mystic as being above question by others.  The practical result of all this is that it is nearly impossible to reason with any convinced mystic.  Such people are generally beyond the reach of reason.

When Taylor’s website testimony of his juvenile criminal history was transcribed July 16, 1999, he was age 29.  It’s now ten years later and he still hasn’t updated his testimony to include his adult criminal history.  Instead, we get a ruefully juggled mixture of diversion and nondisclosure – vague references to his mistakes and personal sins, God’s love, the best and worst of man, a consequence of his criminal activities, being loved by many, and the distinct impression he’s a victim:

To this day I am not perfect.  I still carry the scars of my mistakes and the ensigns of my personal sins but the blood of Jesus has an amazing way of making these despairingly obvious marks transparent and the love of God miraculously covers a multitude of sin.  I have seen man’s best and I have seen his worst.  We have been loved by many and scorned by a few.  I know what it means to be thrown into a pit and then read in one painful glance your life’s work in magazines and gossip columns (emphasis added).

However, he does make available over 225 of his “prophecies” and articles dating from January 1998 to the present, incorporating a decidedly militant rhetoric:

For in these days says the Lord my prophets will wear the attire of a soldier. They will call themselves Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy. I will send them abroad and they shall tread down the adder and the serpent that set itself against them. They will bring my retribution and revival….America, I have sent you as evangelists and prophets to the nations. You have donned the uniform of the soldier and are setting a new precedence of the warrior heart….My church is going to war. They will begin to take on the heart and the lifestyle of the warrior. They will fight and they will rule the night. No place will be safe from their face (“My Prophets in Uniform,” April 2003, emphasis added).

Many of the old methods of evangelism, church planting, and training are no longer effective. Our inner-cities and market places demand a muchdifferent breed of warrior that can adapt instantly to his or her surroundings melding into the enemies camp even as the spies did in Joshua utilizing tactics and strategies that have never been attempted before. These new strategies will literally topple regional and national strongholds and liberate entire cities… Counter-Terrorism: God’s New Breed of Ministries- Because of the hybrid and evolved works of the enemy a new formof spiritual warfare and ministry is emerging from the shadows of conventional Christianity…. Their mission is simple; come in covertly and gather information that will bring down the stronghold and fortified walls of the enemy in regions and cities. They will move and operate differently than anything that we have seen thus far….They will not be public personalities but rather “top-secret” operatives with unconventional and unorthodox methods to attain that particular mission and secure victory. Their maneuvers and campaigns will often go unnoticed but will lay the ground work for future public ministries to take the ground that they have captured. These Spiritual Special Forces are critical for the mass army to march (“Special Forces,” emphasis added).

If you want to know if you’re “Special Forces” or “New Breed” material, you can use the link Taylor provides to, a membership organization that serves military families and veterans, where the game “Prison Camp Raid” is featured as a “Spec[ial] Ops Test.”  Sarah Leslie writes in her article titled “Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism”:

There is a notable increase in the stridency and urgency of “strategic level” prayer warfare rhetoric which is linked to global “transformation” (dominionism).  False prophets regularly pump out new “prophecies” and “decrees” to shore up the kingdom mandate. These “prophecies” function like oracles – they are a major avenue for communicating “God’s plan” for the next step in kingdom-building. False apostles have been anointed, appointed as leaders of regions around the globe, and charged with wielding the king’s authority. The doctrines of the New Apostolic Reformation have been promulgated throughout the mission movement by C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Bill Hamon, a group known as the “Kansas City Prophets,” the Vineyard Fellowship, and many others. At the highest echelons these organizations all have interlocking boards of directors. Two noteworthy internal organs for disseminating false prophecies and new doctrines include The Elijah List and Joel News.

Jewel Grewe in her article titled “Joel’s Army, The ‘New Breed’” states further:

No matter how we view Gnosticism, it is always an elitist faith…. All evidence of the writings of the Gnostics leads to an egocentric direction which is a religious life, with self as the object of its devotion. It is a form of narcissism with an escape from the real world into a world of myth and fantasy where no absolutes, parameters or judgments apply. This is why “spiritual warfare” as promulgated today has such an appeal to many. The imagination is titillated as the “spirit realm” is unveiled, and excited warriors find they can do battle with creatures of the netherworld….The language is becoming increasingly militant as the “Army of God,” “Gideon’s Army,” or “Joel’s Army” take shape. A common thread is that they are expecting a “New Order.”

Advocating this “New Order,” Taylor provides a few characteristics of it in quotations taken from his website “Revival Quotes from Chad Taylor” (emphasis added):

Leaving behind the after burn of current movements and trends apprehending something greater – clearer. Knowing that the Kingdom of God is not defined by personality or contemporary movements thus a new breed of minister and ministry is emerging to finish the race which Christ begun; “Preach the gospel to every creature…”

A new breed of unorthodox, untraditional rule-breakers are emerging on the stage of the theologically correct…

They will part the red sea of modern intellectualism and allow a people to cross over to dry land. They will leap the wall of liberalism and conservatism and show the world the heart of God.  They are the new breed

The well-read and fine-bred Pentecostalist will find them difficult company as they use a vocabulary not defined by today’s books and tapes.  Theirs is a language of desperation not satisfied with the regurgitated revelation previously typed and recorded…

A new breed of ministries will eclipse the old wine skins of previous thinking.  They will leap over the boundaries set by their predecessors and pioneer a completely different ministry model.  They will not succumb to the pressure of modern pulpits that demand their submission.  They will break the yokes of contemporary doctrine to set a new trend of liberty…

Adopting an existential, group-hug revivalism set to music, and akin to the Pied Piper of Hamelin (c. 1300 legend), Taylor attracts and then lures God’s children and others away from the truth and knowledge of the Holy God of the Bible.  Subjective, personal words, dreams, visions, and revelations have all been allowed to usurp sound doctrine:

The Lord has told me over and over since I was born again, “Chad, all I ask you to do is to know my heart.”

Taylor’s misguided understanding of God’s “heart” and written Word is depicted in his May 2000 message, “San Francisco Get Ready for Revival.”  Let’s first consider the proclamation that went forth in Nineveh: “…and let men call on God earnestly that each may turn from his wicked way and from the violence which is in his hands” (Jonah 3:8).  When God saw that the men of Nineveh repented, “that they turned from their wicked way, then God relented concerning the calamity which He had declared He would bring upon them” (Jonah 3:10).  Taylor’s message is not one of calamity like Jonah’s was to Nineveh, but one of instant blessing apart from repentance where God “will transform [San Francisco’s] countenance from one of sin and shame to one of passion and power.”  This counterfeit remedy for sin didn’t work in his own life and it won’t work for San Francisco or any other city:

In this place [San Francisco] will I now demonstrate My power.  For I have saved the best for last says the Lord…You will be an epicenter of My shaking, My choosing…You will see the greater works, the manifestation of my glory.  Your streets will resound with the sounds of singing and dancing as your children eat of the fatted calf.  As they return to their first love….I am about to do in you what men dream of.  I am about to do in you what your forefathers longed for.  I will remove the stain of sin from your garments.  “Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord.  Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.  Though they be red like crimson, they will be as wool”  (Is. 1:18).  I will restore what the locust have devoured says the Lord.  I will restore the years that have been stolen from you….Churches will gather in mass to worship and pray.  A great move of unity will arise like a storm to blanket the city with the latter rain of My grace.  I will transform your countenance from one of sin and shame to one of passion and power in My name.  I will do in you in one moment what you have strived for generations.  Stadiums and public places will echo with prayer and intercession as thousands gather to pray and worship.  No denominational lines will separate one group from another, these lines will be blurred and removed as these things take place says the Lord.   WATCH AND SEE SAN FRANCISCO!  WATCH AND SEE (emphasis added)!

Far from requiring God’s people to live up to “some invisible expectation,” Scripture contains clear distinctions for the Church:

This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.  If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth (1 John 1:5-6).

The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected.  By this we know that we are in Him: the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked (1 John 2:4-6).

For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments (1 John 5:3).

Taylor writes:

…the hardest part is living with yourself and still believing that God can use you despite the mistakes or apparent weaknesses. And in the glorious moment as you face the thorns and beg God to remove them the revelation that your weakness is the stunning stage of His greatest grace – you are left speechless and in awe. It’s in that moment that you know with every cell in your body that YOU ARE A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST (emphasis added).

“What shall we say then?  Are we to continue in sin that grace might increase?  May it never be!”  (Romans 6:1-2)  Given Taylor’s past and present criminal “weaknesses,” one wonders what he really believes about grace.  But, he clearly defaults to a subjective “knowing” rather than to objective tests of salvation found in God’s written Word:

Little children, make sure no one deceives you; the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous; the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning.  The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.  No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin [habitual sin], because he is born of God.  By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother (1 John 3:7-10, emphasis added).

Contrasting the one who does the habitual practice of righteousness and the one who does the habitual practice of sin, the apostle John wanted Christians to know how to tell true believers from false ones (false teachers who were perverting divine truth).  One commentator of this passage writes, “The false teachers not only had an erroneous view of Christ’s nature and displayed disobedience to God’s commands, but they also displayed a distinct lack of love for true believers, who rejected their heretical teaching.”  Taylor addresses those who oppose his teachings:

To our judges and scorners we stand with our backs to you and offer no defense.  We raise our hands not in a posture of battle but rather worship and ask you to join with us.  It is the “Jesus Way” (“Special Letter and Introduction,” emphasis added).

He stands with his back towards God’s commands and the law of the land, both having judged him and found him wanting.  He then asks others to join him in worship that could only be false because he scorns the true righteous God of the Bible who requires repentance.  Neither posture is the “Jesus Way” of Jesus Christ of the Bible.  So how do we know if we love the brethren?  “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and observe His commandments” (1 John 5:2, emphasis added).  Taylor offers a heretical brand of revivalism and teaching that is the antithesis of love for God and love for His children (true believers) and should be rejected as such.  The evidences of false teaching, false testimony, and false Christian living should have Bible-believing Christians up in arms about his duplicity and rebellion to God and His commandments:

Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  You will know them by their fruits.  Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?  So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit.  A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.  Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  So then, you will know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-20).

No doubt for some, finding out about his consistent moral failings will be disappointing, but will not stop them from pursuing what their ears want to hear; Taylor will always have a following:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

For others, it will hopefully be a timely reminder and confirmation that discernment in these days is not optional; it’s vital….

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world (1 John 4:1, emphasis added).

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