Church of Satan/Anton LaVey

Michael Veronie
Watchman Fellowship, Inc.


“It might surprise some to know that the CoS [Church of Satan] founded by LaVey never taught that there is an actual Satan. The CoS denies that anything supernatural really exists at all. While LaVey did perform magic incantations, he felt that the results garnered from such activity were ‘supernormal,’ not supernatural, meaning that there is some natural explanation that has yet to be discovered for them. His form of Satanism, then, is a mixture of two ideologies: atheism and hedonism. Satan stands as a symbol for unabashed pleasure in life with no concern for moral constraints. The CoS ‘espouses any type of sexual activity that satisfies your needs, be it heterosexuality, homosexuality, adultery, or faithlessness in marriage.'” — Michael Veronie

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