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Pastor Larry DeBruyn
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Part 11: The Physics of Heaven
A Serial Book Review & Theological Interaction

Review of Chapter 10: (authored by Larry Randolph)
“Spiritual Synesthesia

I believe we are on the verge of experiencing Pentecost on a new level and in a new measure. Time and time again the prophets have declared that “something is coming,” and our hearts are filled with the expectation to receive all that God has for us. Even so, we still await the “fullness” of what we know is possible in God—a “fullness of Pentecost” for which the original Pentecost provided the down payment.—Larry Randolph (TPOH, 95)


The authors of The Physics of Heaven (TPOH), along with their New Apostolic Reformation associates, believe there’s a more powerful Pentecost coming, the experience of which will both engage and conflate all the human senses—sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. The sound of this Pentecost will stimulate a synesthesia of supernatural experiences. Human consciousness will be so overwhelmed by the powers of heaven that what will be heard will be simultaneously smelled, what will be touched will be simultaneously tasted, and so on, and so on. Previously weighted down by religious dogmas, the synesthesia of the second Pentecost will enable Christian souls to soar in heavenly places. Charismatic Christians will begin to experience “all the different ways Heaven expresses itself.”(TPOH, 106) “Speak to us God!” is the cry of those anticipating the visitation of the second Pentecost. 

“Synesthesia” Spirituality
As indicated by the chapter’s title, the term Larry Randolph employs to describe experiencing this anticipated second Pentecost is synesthesia. In his book Alternative Realities, Leonard George states that, “Synesthesia occurs when… ‘cross-talk’ between the senses is so vivid that stimulating one sense triggers actual perceptual experiences in the other.” To illustrate: “one’s visual field may be invaded by sparks of light in response to a sudden noise.” According to George, experiences of synesthesia spirituality can be induced by taking psychedelic drugs, listening to beating rhythms (i.e., drumming), meditating (Among the mystics, St. John of the Cross, St Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila described contemplative states they attained in “synesthetic terms”, or can result from “sensory leakage” caused by schizophrenia or a developing brain tumor.

So according to The Physics of Heaven, the anticipated second Pentecost will rain an overwhelming cacophony of sounds, kaleidoscopic visions of colors and conflation of numbers which will overwhelm and alter the soul’s perception of and power over reality. With this “cross-wiring” of the “spiritual senses… the neural pathways of the spirit realm” will for a second time create “a myriad of spiritual encounters.”(TPOH, 98) As Randolph states, synesthesia spirituality will allow Charismatics to “interact with God in many more ways than… ever imagined.”(TPOH, 95) “This is the kind of heavenly sound” adds the author, “for which I’ve been longing.”(TPOH, 98) Welcome to the hallucinatory Pentecost!

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