Jen Hatmaker: “Christians Should Open Wide Their Churches to LGBT Community”

Amy Spreeman
Berean Research


Jen Hatmaker

So many Christian women who love the Lord are very upset with me for warning them about Jen Hatmaker. Yes, I know, Jen is the lovable mom, writer and speaker who is known for being “Raw and Real.” Apparently she says what women think, or wish they could say, and she tells a lot of great, emotional stories.

But if we judge her fruit (that’s her doctrine, ladies; not her social works) against the truth of Scripture, we find that underneath that sweet funny rawness of hers is a wolf who is luring women by the hundreds of thousands into the maw of deception. Is that unloving of me? No! I am trying to help women see Christ and warn them against counterfeits. I got a lot of hate mail after posting “4 Concerns about Jen Hatmaker’s Teachings,” and another slew after reviewing her “bible study” book that dips into sorcery: “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” (Why aren’t we having women study the actual Bible?)

Today there is even more reason to warn women away from this teacher. I am thankful that Hatmaker puts her progressive cards on the table for all to see.

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