Man Will Become Like God, Say Mormons and Transhumanists in Salt Lake City

Giulio Prisco
Transhumanism editor for KurzweilAI


tothelight“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), aka Mormon Church, has a concept of boundless elevation and exaltation of Man, through all means including science and technology, until he becomes like God. Conversely, God was once like Man before attaining an exalted status. ‘[Mormonism] allows for humans to ascend to a higher, more godlike level,’ writes Max More in his introduction to The Transhumanist Reader, ‘rather than sharply dividing God from Man.’ Mormon transhumanists are persuaded that we will become like God — through science and technology — in a progression without end, and this seems a more faithful interpretation of the teachings of Joseph Smith and a return to the roots of the Mormon religion.”

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