Ouija Board

Dr. Brady Blevins
Watchman Fellowship, Inc.


We contend…that it [the Ouija board] is a form of amateur mediumship and not a game or sport. By means of this board one is enabled to get in touch with the other side.

Clairvoyant and exorcist Rev. Donald Page of the Christian Spiritualist Church, stated that the use of the Ouija board “is one of the easiest and quickest ways to become [demon] possessed.”

The Ouija board has fascinated people and captured the imagination of countless people. Whether it is the plethora of stories and urban legends or the alluring appeal created by the movies that feature the board; the Ouija board has failed to lose popularity in pop culture. There are reportedly 69 movies that feature Ouija boards. The enticement of the ability to gain knowledge from the netherworld has been utilized to grab audiences.From movie franchise Witchboard in the 1980s and 1990s to m  titles such as: Ouija (2003, 2006, 2012, 2014), Ouija Board (2004, 2009), The Ouija Experiment and The Ouija Experiment 2 (2011, 2014) and the most recent film Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016). There have been countless numbers of books written about, for and against the Ouija board. While the Ouija board entices many to seek unfound knowledge the name itself carries some controversy. Most historians hold that the word Ouija is a combination of “the French oui and the German ja – yes.” Charles Kennard, who created the current design, claimed that when he asked the board its name it spelled out the letter O-U-I-J-A. He insisted that the board told him that it was an Egyptian word for “good luck;” however, it has not been substantiated that there is an Egyptian word close to those letters that means “good luck.” It wasn’t until William Fuld took over the production that he popularized the current name, and widely accepted, etymology of the word.