Our Pagan Children

Dr. Peter Jones


“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6). For centuries, this biblical wisdom has reassured Christian parents—until now. Our culture is pushing an increasingly pagan worldview on our Christian children. About 75% of evangelical children abandon their faith after a year or two of college. But college-age men and women should at least know enough to resist! It gets worse: our young, tender little ones are now on the front lines.

Grade-school and pre-school boys and girls face a massive brainwashing assault that tells them there are no gender distinctions. One Texas school authority ordered teachers to cease referring to a child as a “boy” or a “girl.” Such terms lead to judgmental thinking and discrimination! This phenomenon is happening all over the Western, once Christian, world. One reason given in the UK is that the term “girls” can make them think they have to do everything perfectly, which can “create a lot of anxiety” in children and teenagers.

A few years ago we were told that homosexuals only wanted the right to be themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Now the demand includes legally-enforced affirmations of the gay agenda, taught in schools. Our children are not protected . . .

The Bible’s view of sexuality is not small-minded moralism, unloving discrimination, heartless violence, or cruel bullying. It is a theistic understanding of the universe, deeply founded on the personal being of God Himself. This is ground zero for everyone. Homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender are “unnatural,” (Rom 1:26) and out of order with the physical cosmos. They are a rejection of the natural world and of God, who is the moral judge and the intelligent, ordering Creator of all things.

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