Satan’s Civil Rights

Dr. Peter Jones



For the first time, a Satanist group has official permission to meet in a public school at the end of the school day. An After School Satan Club (ASSC) meeting was held at Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon on November 16th, 2016. The previous day, at Parkrose Middle School (also in Portland), the Satanic Temple made a presentation that was supposed to be open to the community and press but was not. The second ASSC is set to meet at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma on Wednesday, December 14th. Approved in September, the ASSC, seeks to provide an alternative to other after-school religious groups. ASSC chapters are meeting in Atlanta and Tucson, and the movement may gain momentum. At one level, this seems like cultural fair play, but at another level, it shows how dramatically Western culture has changed. After centuries of underground existence, Satanic teaching is now so self-confident of its acceptance that it openly demands —and gets—a public voice. The Pew Research Center showed that out of about 245 million US adults in 2014, 173 million were Christians. However, many of these now adopt a Hindu slant on life.

. . . With graciousness, Christians must speak the Gospel truth of Twoism in a once-“Christian” culture that now believes, according to pagan Oneism, that the world creates itself.

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Notes on Twoism by Dr. Jones:

The blinding truth that produced the Reformation, via the pen of the apostle Paul from the mind of God, was “the just shall live by faith.” This only makes sense in a Twoist world. In a Oneist world, where everything is the same, “just” has no meaning. Everything is just and unjust at the same time. Luther knew he was unjust, a sinner, having offended the God who made the world. He knew the only escape was “faith” in God, the mighty fortress, who is twoistically other, who provided undeserved, gracious salvation through his incarnate Son. This is a bulwark never failing. Amen!

There is nothing like the Biblical Gospel in all of history: the transcendent Lord above, bearing our sins on the Earth below, bestowing merit on undeserving sinners. –This Twoist doctrine of God is the jewel of our historic Christian faith. Without it, Christianity becomes one more form of sentimental Oneism.