The Lunatics Are Running the Asylum

Shaun Willcock
Bible Based Ministries


The world has truly gone mad.

And it is unrestrained sin that has made it so.

The sodomites and their friends pushed and pushed – and pushed still more – against the walls of decency, until they came tumbling down. They campaigned for “equal rights”, and they got them. They campaigned for “gay marriage” to be legalised in the western world, and they have achieved this as well. When the United States finally legalised sodomite “marriage” in 2015, they knew they had won. Virtually all barriers have come tumbling down.

But having been victorious, those pushing the sodomite agenda have no intention of resting on their laurels. Not only are they now going to work for still more victories for themselves, but all kinds of other deviants are now going to come crawling out of the woodwork, demanding acceptance and a whole raft of “rights” for themselves as well. The western world has opened up a Pandora’s box by legitimising and indeed giving a special, privileged, favoured status to sodomy; and a nightmare is now being unleashed, so horrific that words almost fail to describe it. Having won these victories, the battle now shifts to other perverse, disgusting and iniquitous lifestyles, some so bizarre that normal people will hardly be able to credit what they are hearing or seeing as it begins to unfold before them.

The World Has been Turned Upside Down

It seems like just the other day when the world was normal.

Oh, it was still a sinful world. All men are sinners. They are born spiritually dead in sins (Psa. 51:5; Eph. 2:1), and their depravity has always abounded. But the world, or at least the western, once Protestant world, was not abnormal, in the sense of glorifying what is unnatural. Those behaviours and lifestyles which the Bible calls “vile affections”, “against nature”, etc. (Rom. 1:24-27), although of course always present in society, were loathed, never encouraged, never celebrated, and certainly never legalised. Such unnatural things as sodomy, bestiality, etc., were practiced, but only on the fringes of society by people who never dared to come out of their closets openly. They committed their filthy acts in secret, and if they were caught, they faced prosecution.

But while normal people slept, the abnormal ones were hard at work. And now society has been deliberately turned upside down and back to front. For all those who are over forty years old, understand this, and understand it well: the world you grew up in has gone. That world of the sanctity of marriage; of marriage being only between a man and a woman; of men dressed as men and women dressed as women; that world where sodomy was known to be unnatural and abominable; where children were taught right from wrong, and taught by their parents; where boys were taught to be boys and girls to be girls; that world where things were black and white, orderly, decent and clear-cut; that world has gone. We are now living in a world that seems to have sprung to life from a horrible nightmare. A world where the lunatics have taken over the asylum, and are in the process of locking up the sane people, punishing them for opposing the lunatics’ lifestyles. A world where, “as it was in the days of Noah” (Lk. 17:26), the wickedness of man is great in the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart is only evil continually (Gen. 6:5). A world where the devil and his cackling legions are running amok.

Not only do we have sodomites – not to mention the media in all its forms, and even huge numbers of false “churches” – telling us it is normal, even moral, for a man to “marry” another man and to indulge in what they call “sex”, but now that they have won their “rights” and bulldozed society into accepting them and even celebrating their vile lifestyle, the floodgates are open for all kinds of other depraved behaviours, no matter how bizarre they might be. It can safely be said that now, almost anything goes.

Orwellian Newspeak: Everything Redefined

Truly, the lunatics have risen up and taken control of the asylum. But they have gone further: they have succeeded in convincing society that they, in fact, are the sane ones, and that the truly sane ones who oppose them are actually insane, abnormal, and dangerous to society! We are witnessing what would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago: society has embraced the lunatics, given them power and authority over everyone else, and has begun punishing and incarcerating the sane people who warn of the dangers of allowing the lunatics to be in charge. Abnormal is the new normal, and normal people are the new criminals. Degraded immorality is the new morality. This has been the deliberate tactic used, and it still is: to declare that they are the normal ones, and the rest of society is abnormal; that decent people are the indecent ones; that moral people are immoral; and that Christians are really unloving, hateful, intolerant bigots, who have to change – or face the consequences. The asylum’s doors are slamming shut and being locked – but the ones on the inside are now the normal folk; and especially Christians. Christians are branded as the vilest, most intolerant, most hate-filled, bigoted people on the face of the earth for opposing sodomy.

All this did not just happen by accident; it was very deliberately planned and executed over many decades. The early Marxists were the ones who came up with the idea of using “tolerance” as a weapon against their enemies, by cleverly redefining it: when they use the word “tolerance”, they use it as meaning that only ideas from their own camp are to be tolerated; never those from the opposing side. They are the most intolerant of people, but they have convinced the world that they are the tolerant ones and all the rest are intolerant for opposing them!

Thus they have redefined everything. In true Orwellian fashion they use the same terms as before, but they have given them meanings that are the very opposite of what they really are! Yes, incredible as that may seem. Just think about it. Sex (even bizarre, unnatural sex) is now called love. Truth is now called a lie. Lies are called the truth. Love is now called hate (and is made a crime). Intolerance is now called tolerance. Tolerance is now intolerance. Good is now called evil. Evil is called good. There are men who are called women, and women who are called men. Sexual perversion is called sexual orientation. Slavery to sin is called freedom. Everything is upside down. Everything is back to front.

Yet the divinely inspired words of the ancient prophet are still as true as ever: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa. 5:20).

The War on Christians and Churches

And now, having gained great victories, the sodomite agenda moves on to its next targets. They have all kinds of plans. An op-ed in The Nation, a left-leaning U.S. magazine, was very open in urging sodomites to go on the offensive against any who disagree with them. “Create a specific anti-fascist infrastructure of social media, legal, research and watchdog groups to expose and defeat the right wing culturally and politically,” said the article’s authors, three “LGBT” activists. “In sum, the work ahead for queers is to be transformative, not transfixed.”1

And a major part of their strategy is to infiltrate and change churches. They plan to send out activists as “community organisers”. Some will go into churches as “faith-based” leaders, urging the congregations to embrace sodomy. “Faith-based organizing in every denomination creates great leaders, new frames and a base of support,” the article said. We already have pro-sodomite “churches” all over the place. But now we are going to see the pulpits of not-as-yet pro-sodomite churches infiltrated by sodomite activists, who will change the very doctrine and direction of these churches so as to become pro-sodomite in every way.

There have always been wolves in sheep’s clothing (Acts 20:29,30); the difference this time, however, is that the wool the wolves are wearing will be pink, or rainbow-coloured.

A community organising group called “Believe Out Loud” is an online community for so-called LGBT “Christians”. These deceived people think it is possible to be a Christian and a sodomite at the same time. This is an utter impossibility: no sodomite is a true Christian, as the Bible makes absolutely clear (1 Cor. 6:9-11; Rom. 1:22-28; etc.). As 1 Cor. 6:11 says, the wonderful truth is that many sodomites have been truly converted to Christ from this life of sin, becoming true Christians; they have forsaken this sinful lifestyle. But a sodomite who continues practicing these unnatural lusts is certainly not a Christian.

“Believe Out Loud” claims that it has “a unique role to play in promoting this acceptance [of sodomites and their lifestyle] in the context of U.S. churches, particularly within Christianity.” In a statement it said: “As we look ahead to a movement beyond marriage equality, we know that the work of affirming Christians is not yet finished. It’s now time for churches to move beyond simply accepting what we understand, to affirming LGBTQ people as they are.”2

Plainly, the battle is far from over! The onslaught against true Christians and churches is heating up. They will not rest until every denomination and every church accepts sodomy as a legitimate lifestyle and not a sin, allows sodomites to be members of churches and even pastors, and never condemns sodomy as the abominable sin it really is. It is safe to predict that in time, virtually all false “churches” will cave in to their demands. The only ones that will continue to uphold the biblical teaching on sodomy will be true Christian churches. The remnant of faithful believers, in their assemblies, will always oppose it, because it is utterly condemned in God’s Word, the Bible. But be certain of this: such churches will be under attack from this militant, hate-filled, intolerant army of sexual deviants, marching under the rainbow banner.

But there is more. Just as the sodomite cause has been gaining great victories, other bizarre and unnatural abominations are now starting to be paraded, celebrated, and glorified.

“Transgenderism”: Bruce Cannot Become Caitlyn

Suddenly, as if on cue in the wake of the huge sodomite victories, “transgenderism” was being discussed, celebrated, promoted, glorified. Suddenly, on a scale as never before, society was being told that a man could indeed surgically become a woman, and vice versa. But is this true? Absolutely not.

It was a cause that needed a public face; a well-known “hero”; and one was found in the person of Bruce Jenner. Jenner, a one-time Olympic athlete, married three times and the father of a number of children, declared that he felt he was a woman in a man’s body; so he divorced his third wife, ingested hormones, had breast implants and facial surgery, and claimed it had made him a woman. And what did this fallen, confused, wicked world do? It lauded him as a “courageous” human being. It said that yes, Bruce had now been changed into Caitlyn. But it was an outright lie. Bruce had not become Caitlyn. Bruce was still Bruce.

Note that despite all his surgery, he retained his male reproductive organs. This on the advice of his doctors, who counselled him to wait for some time before taking the decision to “re-arrange” that part of his anatomy too. Why this advice? Just in case he decided it was not what he really wanted!3 And that shows what a tragic lie this whole “transgenderism” myth really is. If Bruce Jenner had always identified as a woman, then he should have been eager to have the whole surgical procedure. The fact that he might in the end not be certain of his decision just proved what nonsense this whole farce is. Bruce did not become Caitlyn. Not in the least. For all his talk about being “free” to be “Caitlyn” instead of Bruce, all he really had become, as one writer put it bluntly, was “just another dude in drag”.4 A man in woman’s clothes. A man with an altered face and with the appearance of woman’s breasts, to be sure; but a man all the same. He was not a woman, he would never be a woman, he was merely a cosmetically altered man dressed as a woman. Nothing else. He was born a man, and nothing he could do to himself would ever change that unalterable fact. His chromosomes were still XY and not XX. And there was absolutely nothing he could do about that.

For those who have fallen for the propaganda and come to believe that surgery can actually make a man a woman, here is the plain truth: surgery does not, and cannot, make a man a woman, or vice versa. It is God alone who has the power to make males and females. And there is a very simple way to understand this:

If a man is involved in an accident, and has to have his legs amputated, is he still a man after the surgery? Of course he is. He is a man without legs, but he is still a man. And if a man, as a result of that accident, has to have reconstructive surgery to his face, so that his appearance is quite altered as a result, is he still the same man as before? Of course he is. And likewise, if a man sinfully has surgery to alter his appearance so that he looks more feminine, is he still a man? Yes, of course he is.

But what about a man who, as a result of a terrible accident, has to have his male reproductive organs amputated? Is he still a man? Absolutely. Any man who has had surgery to amputate a part of his body is still a man. And so it is, too, with the man who sinfully has surgery so as to make him look like a woman. The surgery may remove his male reproductive organs, and surgical reconstruction may take place to give him the appearance of being a female; but is he in fact a female now, or is he still a man? He is most definitely still a man.

A man who has cosmetic surgery to his face is still a man, because the surgery is just that: cosmetic. And it is no different when the surgery is performed on any other part of his body. It is still nothing but cosmetic surgery. What makes a man a man, or a woman a woman, is far more than merely possessing male or female anatomy. No amount of surgery can alter the chromosomes. God made two sexes in the world, and only two. No man is trapped in a woman’s body, and no woman is trapped in a man’s. And no surgeon’s knife can reach to the essence of what makes a man a man, or a woman a woman.

Yet Bruce Jenner – this utterly tragic figure, this man so confused about his identity that he put himself through all this – was praised and celebrated and glorified by the loony left, who hailed him as “courageous”. He was not courageous. The early pioneers in America, Africa and elsewhere were courageous. A man struggling against cancer is courageous. A woman placing her own life in danger to save her child is courageous. The word “courageous” used to have meaning. Now even this word has been hijacked by the left, and applied to a confused, tragic man who thinks he is a woman.

The story of Bruce Jenner, and all the other Bruce Jenners out there, should make us weep. This is what sin and Satan have done. His story is a tragedy, not a triumph.

Black and White: Are Some People Created in the Wrong Skins?

It will not stop with this “man who thinks he is a woman” madness. The floodgates have been opened! There is no stopping the craziness that is going to come gushing in now! After all, if Jenner was a man trapped in a woman’s body, then what about an obese person claiming he is a thin person trapped in an obese person’s body? Are the surgeons going to be expected to “release” the thin man trapped inside? Or what about someone who claims to be a black person trapped in a white person’s body? Not much that surgery can do for them. Nothing whatsoever, actually. “Can the Ethiopian change his skin…?” (Jer. 13:23). But is society going to be forced to accept them as black even though they are white? Do you think such insanity is impossible? Not at all – in fact, it has happened!

Sure enough, not long after the Bruce Jenner circus had come to town, a white woman was exposed as Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) in the USA. Rachel Dolezal is white. Her parents are white. But she claimed that she identified as a black woman. She said she began to see herself as black at the ripe old age of five, when (here it comes, the lunacy) she selected brown rather than peach crayons to draw herself!5

The truth was exposed: she is actually white. But because she identifies herself as black, the loony left produces “experts” who debate in all seriousness – not a tongue is seen in their cheeks – whether or not she should be accepted as black even though she is not in any sense black!

Just as she identifies herself as black even though she is not, so these loony leftists identify themselves as “experts” even though they are not. And just as we would be insane to accept Rachel Dolezal as black simply because she claims to be, so we would be insane to accept these “experts” as experts simply because they claim to be! We are being told to deny the evidence of our senses, and the evidence of biology, and believe and accept something as true just because someone says it is! A man says he is a woman, so we must believe it. A white woman says she is black, so we must believe it. A bunch of leftists say they are experts, so we must believe it. Thinking you are someone or something else does not make it true.

The world has gone barking mad.

American talk show host Rush Limbaugh demonstrated the stupidity of this nonsense with a satirical skit, using a caller to his radio show who claimed to be a black man trapped in a white man’s body. Limbaugh said to him, “[Y]ou’re Caucasian, but you know you’re black, but nobody can see that you’re black, so nobody can see who you really are”. Playing his part well, the caller said: “I’ve signed up for minority grants and that sort of thing, and, you know, they all just laugh at me.” Limbaugh responded, playing his part equally well: “This is a very courageous act on your part. I mean, to be African-American trapped in a white body, that’s cruel, the height of cruelty. Who could do something like that to another person? And that’s gotta be tough. I mean, you’re signing up for benefits that are available to African-Americans and you’re telling them you are one, you knew when you were ten that you were, and they’re denying you, right?”6

We may laugh, but how long will it be before various people start claiming benefits granted to certain groups, by stating that they are part of such a group even though they are not, just because they “identify themselves” as being of that group? What a way to make money! And how can they be denied? After all, if the only criterion for being accepted as a woman is that a man believes himself to be a woman, and the only criterion for being accepted as a black woman is that a white woman believes herself to be a black woman, then the same criterion must inevitably be applied to other people claiming to be what they are not, simply because they believe they are! We are going to see all kinds of strange people emerge from the woodwork, making the most bizarre, outlandish claims about themselves; and in time the State will have to accommodate them, because Pandora’s box has been opened, and there is no putting the lid back on.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And what’s good for the goose who thinks she’s a duck even though she looks like a goose, honks like a goose and lays nice goose eggs which hatch into little goslings and not ducklings, is good for the gander who thinks he’s a goose trapped in a gander’s body.

Limbaugh said to the caller: “You know, you’re gonna have to prove this to people. I mean, you just can’t go out there and say this. You’re gonna have to prove you’re black by doing all the stereotypes like Bruce Jenner is doing with women. I mean, you know, Bruce Jenner didn’t just say, ‘Hey, I’m a woman.’ He had to go do the whole whatever to convince people of it. You can’t just say it.” And to expose this lunacy even further, the (set-up) caller said, “Yeah, and also now I’m in a biracial marriage and my kids are biracial, so I don’t know what to do.”

Limbaugh responded with: “Married to a white woman, you’re Caucasian, but you’re African-American, your kids are biracial. You do have a problem.”

Imagine this scenario if it were real! A white man, married to a white woman, but claiming to be black and therefore claiming that he is in a “biracial” marriage. Well, we probably will not have to imagine it for much longer. In all likelihood it’s coming, folks, to an asylum near you.

“Transableism”: Disabled on Purpose

So what’s next? The sodomites are getting all they want, the “transgenders” are able to live the dream. What is the next barking-at-the-moon lunacy that the western world is going to embrace? Well, actually, there are all kinds of horrors just waiting in the wings, about to slither and ooze into the public arena and demand acceptance. And here is one that is already being given serious consideration in certain far-left circles: transableism.

Never heard of it? It will soon be given serious airtime and media space, and will eventually become yet another angry, vicious demand of the loony left, who will push it and shout about it and insult and attack those who reject it until, once again, they get their way. What exactly is it?

It is the desire, by certain perfectly able-bodied people, to be purposefully, deliberately disabled. To have an arm or leg amputated, or eyes removed because they want to be blind, or to be deliberately paralysed; and moreover they want this mutilation to be carried out by members of the medical establishment.

Yes, just when you thought you’d heard it all, and that nothing would surprise or shock you anymore… along comes another bizarre fringe group demanding that their particular version of insanity be accepted, brought into the mainstream, and in the end favoured as a perfectly sane “right”.

In 2015 Clive Baldwin, a Canadian research chair in narrative studies and associate professor of social work at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada, argued that he had interviewed a large number of people who identify themselves as “transabled”, and that doctors should indeed amputate the limbs of such people if requested to do so, because this may be the “best way” to manage their feelings of being “transabled”! It will, he said, make them feel “empowered”.7

So let’s get this straight: a perfectly healthy man, with both arms attached to his body, will feel more “empowered” if he has one or both of those limbs removed by surgery. Or a man able to walk on his own strong legs will feel healthier and stronger when his legs are amputated. How can normalthinking people even hope to get their heads around such lunacy?

And what an insult to all truly disabled people! Those who have lost the use of their limbs, or the limbs themselves, through no fault of their own, and who would love to be able to use them again, or have them back – what must they think of people who deliberately want them cut off?

Again, the doctrine being pushed about “transableism” – just as was done with sodomy – is that it is not a lifestyle choice (yes, it is) but is rather “a deep-felt need to become this way [disabled] because their bodies are wrong.”8 Ah, there you have it: the attack on God our Maker. They would argue that if there is a God, He got it all wrong for these “poor people”; but they would much prefer to say that this “proves” there is no God and that evolution is how they came to this point anyway.

It is a lifestyle choice, just like sodomy or any other sinful lifestyle for that matter. No one is “born this way”.

Unsurprisingly, psychology (that iniquitous modern false science and false religion currently running rampant through western societies) has come up with a name for this craziness: they refer to it as “Body Integrity Identity Disorder.” A nice, scientific-sounding name gives it legitimacy in the eyes of many. Oh, and it has no known cure. Well, that’s because it is not an illness, and a cure cannot be found for something that doesn’t exist. Psychology redefines sin as “sickness”. But a sickness is something physical. This is not physical. There is nothing wrong with the person, physically. It is an expression of the sinfulness that resides in the heart of man, just like any other sin. It amounts to this: base ingratitude to God for what He has given.

Baldwin went on to say, “[I]t’s usually a very specific disability that people want. It might be a below left knee amputation. Or a right below elbow amputation. Some people want to be paralyzed. They don’t want their legs to work.” One person he interviewed wanted to be blind.

He said that some actually use wheelchairs to “manage their feelings”, even though there is nothing wrong with their legs. Chloe Jennings-White, a Cambridge University-educated research scientist, said in 2013 that she wanted to be paralysed and was seeking a doctor to help her achieve this! She had attempted to injure herself several times, but to no avail. She used a wheelchair and leg braces even though she was able to walk. She even said that when she was young she was jealous of disabled children, and envious of an aunt who had a bike accident and had to use leg braces. Although she admitted to using her legs at times to go hiking and skiing, she said she did so in the hope that these sports would make her paralysed.

Is your head spinning right now, dear reader? Are you reading this and thinking to yourself, “Surely what I’m reading is a crazy fairy story”? Sadly, it is not. Imagine if the day ever comes when doctors will be required to take healthy people and deliberately mutilate them. And don’t even think that day won’t come. That’s what people said about sodomite “marriage” back in the 1980s. And never forget that a day actually came when doctors were permitted, legally, to murder babies in their mothers’ wombs and call it “birth control” and “reproductive rights”.

Oh, the day will come, rest assured of that. After all, lopping off a leg will be a breeze for a doctor who is used to murdering a baby in the womb.

“Transableism” is now being grouped, by the media, alongside members of the so-called “LGBT” (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) community. Doubtless we will eventually see “LGBT” enlarged to include a letter for “Transableism”. It may not be the letter “T”, as this is already taken; or perhaps it will be a second “T”. They will come up with something. And once they do, yet another fringe group will start agitating for special status, government grants, and all kinds of other privileges.

It has started with “experts” (fools thinking they are intelligent) telling the rest of us that “these poor people can’t help themselves”. From there it will progress to being accepted by society, with those opposing it being branded as bigots, hatemongers, unloving, intolerant, ad nauseam. And then, when the time is right, the push will be for legalisation, with the argument being that it is one’s “constitutional right” to be intentionally disabled. This is how the sodomites won their victories, and it is the method being used by every other fringe group.

And once it is legalised, society begins to pay. It pays, firstly, in cash, because sane society will have to pay the medical establishment to purposefully cripple people, blind them, or whatever. And secondly it pays in morality, or rather the lack of morality, as society plunges ever further into a bottomless pit of nightmarish sin.

Cross-Dressing the Children

This is the abominable evil of confusing the sexual identity of young children, teaching them to overcome so-called “gender stereotypes” by telling them it is fine if a little boy wants to dress as a girl; and across the fruitcake plains (oops, fruited plains) of the USA those boys who feel they are actually girls are now to be welcomed into girls’ bathrooms and change rooms – and woe betide any child, or any parent, who objects to this insanity! In Italy in 2015, some pervert, or nest of perverts, came up with compulsory cross-dressing days for children in Italian public schools. Yes, you read that correctly.

This is what we want and demand, say the perverts, and you are going to give it to us, and like it too – or else you are the unloving one, the intolerant one, the prude, the religious nut.

And rest assured this madness will spread to other countries as well. Just give it a little time.

No More “Boys” and “Girls”, Please, Children; You’re All… Penguins?

In Nebraska, USA, teachers in one school district have been told not to call boys and girls by such “gendered expressions” as – well, as “boys and girls”; because using these two words for the only two genders there actually are would exclude those imaginary “other genders” which exist only in the heads of lunatics. So what should the kiddies be called instead? Well, something “gender inclusive”. Something like, let’s see… “purple penguins”. I kid you not. “Create classroom names and then ask all of the ‘purple penguins’ to meet on the rug,” says the training document given to the teachers.9

And while they are at it, teachers must also not use the phrase “ladies and gentlemen”, nor must they ask the children to “line up as boys and girls” – after all, doing so might just cause the little ones to actually think of themselves as what they are: boys or girls. Only two choices here. Only two genders, just as there always have been for 6000 years since Adam and Eve. But no – letting children think of themselves as boys and girls is an “evil” too horrible to be permitted, as far as these maniacs are concerned. Instead of being asked to line up as boys and girls, the document says the children should rather be asked to line up by whether they prefer “skateboards or bikes/milk or juice/dogs or cats/summer or winter/talking or listening.” Has the reader ever come across such almost unbelievable insanity? But wait – there’s more:

Teachers are instructed to stop students ever talking about gender in terms of “boys and girls” so that the student can learn that this is wrong! “Point out and inquire when you hear others referencing gender in a binary manner. Ask things like… ‘What makes you say that? I think of it a little differently.’ Provide counter-narratives that challenge students to think more expansively about their notions of gender”, says the document.

It acknowledges that teachers may at times still find it “necessary” to mention that genders exist, and in such a case, it decrees, they must list them as “boy, girl, both or neither.”

Welcome to the nightmare world of the twenty-first century. Although little Johnny has the anatomy of a male, he must be taught that he may not actually be a male “on the inside”; if he doesn’t “feel like it”; and even if he does “feel like” he is a male, he must never call himself a male. Nor must he call his sister Susie a female. This would be hurtful to those children who are neither one nor the other. Little Johnny has never actually seen a “neither”, and he wonders what a “neither” looks like. Does a “neither” have a third type of face, and a third type of body? All he has ever seen are males and females. And this is all he will ever see, for right back at the beginning of the creation, on the sixth day, “male and female created he them” (Gen. 1:27). But little Johnny has been taught that the Bible is a book of fairy tales, and that all life evolved from the slime. So he will keep a lookout for a “neither” because his teacher said they exist, although he will never actually meet one. Ever. For herein lies the true fairy tale: that there are genders out there other than the male and female.

“Sex-Change Therapy” Offered to Children

To take all this madness to the next step, public schools in Oregon, USA, are now offering “sexchange therapy” to children even without their parents’ knowledge, let alone their consent!10 Such services as psychotherapy, medical visits, and (wait for this) medications to suppress puberty in children who question their gender identity are now being offered!

And rest assured, it will spread to other states as well. And then to the rest of the western world.

Is this how far western society has fallen? Yes, and still further too. One day, these evil men and women will stand before the Judge of all the earth and have to give an account for what they did to children. Imagine the evil of actually suppressing the natural physical development of a child on the brink of adulthood! Has the world gone stark, staring mad? It sure has. The powers that be, for their own sinister, vile agendas, have given children all kinds of “rights”. Their parents’ rights over them have been taken away. Children have the “right” to disobey their parents; the “right” to contraceptives; the “right” to have an abortion without parental consent; and now – they have the “right” to supposedly “choose” whether they want to be male or female – even though it is actually an utter impossibility for anyone to cross over from one gender to the other!

Polygamists: Coming Out of a Crowded Closet

So we now have men telling us they are really women trapped in men’s bodies; white people saying they are really black people trapped in white skins; perfectly able-bodied people saying they want to become disabled on purpose; children being given “sex-change therapy”; etc. What’s next? Are we going to see obese people telling the world they are really thin? Very likely. And what will this mean? It will mean that they will be praised as “courageous” to “come out” and say they are thin when they are not. And it will mean that if you disagree with the evidence of your eyes, and refuse to accept their identification of themselves as thin, you will be the unloving and bigoted one.

There will be no end to this madness. One western country after another has granted “rights”, including “marriage rights”, to sodomites; but the one they were all waiting for was the USA. This was accomplished in 2015, and the LGBTFZRPQSK activists (we might as well add as many letters as we like, as one fringe horror after another is being constantly added to the list) went wild with delight. And in the wake of this victory in what was once the world’s strongest Protestant nation, it took no time at all for another minority group – polygamists – to start emerging from their own (surely rather crowded) closets, and to start demanding their “rights”. The Mormons in the state of Utah must be gearing up for the day when polygamy is fully legalised. But not just the Mormons: all kinds of polygamists are popping up, and saying, “If ‘gay marriage’ is now legal, then polygamy must be legalised as well!”

And just in case anyone thinks being married to multiple spouses means a man married to more than one woman, that is very old hat: there are all kinds of combinations now finding acceptance, including what have been termed “throuples”. For example, in Massachusetts, USA, in 2014, the world’s (so far) only “marriedlesbian threesome were expecting “their” first child (the child could only be the child of one of them, of course, and the father was an anonymous sperm donor; and in truth the three women are not married for this is not marriage in any sense, so this whole abomination was about as ugly as it gets – but it gets worse): the three women’s names are Doll, Kitten and Brynn. Kitten was the pregnant one. They said they eventually want three children, with the plan being for Kitten to carry them in her womb, yet possibly using eggs from the other two women.11

Let’s try to unravel this mess: we have the iniquitous situation of three women, legally “married” (yet no law of man can ever make such a relationship a legitimate marriage), one of them falling pregnant using the eggs of another one and the donor sperm of some anonymous man. It is almost impossible to even imagine what harm this will do to those poor children as they grow up. Three adoptive “mothers”, yet all three children coming from the same woman’s womb and yet in two of the three cases, one of the other woman’s eggs being used; along with anonymous fathers in all three cases. What vile abomination! Unless the Lord grants such people repentance, hell is gaping wide for them.

And what’s coming next? Don’t for a moment doubt this: child sexual abusers are going to be agitating for the “right” to have sex with and even to “marry” children; those who want to commit incest and “marry” their own children are going to start agitating; those who believe siblings should be allowed to commit incest and even “marry” are already starting to make a noise, softening the public up for the horror yet to come; and finally, unbelievable as it will be to many, bestiality won’t be far behind. The floodgates have opened. A deluge is on the way.

Adult-Child Sex: Acceptance and Legitimacy is Coming

Once upon a time, in the very, very recent past in fact – just a few years ago, that’s all – this was universally considered abominable, abhorrent, and punishable in almost every western country. But today? “Oh, surely it is still rejected,” many will say. “Surely such a terrible wickedness will never become acceptable or legitimised!” I have said for years that, as sodomy becomes acceptable and “normal” in society, the wicked would begin to agitate for sex with children to be granted the same “rights” under the law. Well, that day is fast approaching:

At an academic presentation held by the University of Cambridge in 2013, the following statement was made: “Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males. At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children.”12 Other presentations at the same conference included “Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis”, and “Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.” The term “hebephilia” is applied to the sexual preference for children in early puberty.

Once again we see the process being followed: first, get the academics to start debating and pondering. The public look up to these people as men and women of great wisdom and knowledge: if they say something is all right, then it must be. Gradually public opposition is whittled away. Second, prominent people will start “coming out” and saying they enjoy sex with children, and they should not be condemned for it; “they can’t help themselves.” Third, the belittling begins: it’s “unloving” to condemn such people; it’s “bigoted”; it’s “intolerant”. It’s a denial of “basic rights”. Only those who follow “antiquated religious texts” would be so cruel. And after endless bombardment of this sort of thing from Hollywood and other media forms, the public eventually comes to accept it. Fourth, the campaign begins to take it beyond acceptance – to a celebration of this lifestyle. And fifth, the agitation starts for the “right” to “marry”.

For these wicked people, there must be absolutely no sexual boundaries. Nothing whatsoever. All must go.

Already there are those doing their level best to evoke sympathy for child sex offenders in the hearts of the public. One such is Ken Plummer, emeritus professor of sociology at Essex University in the UK. Note the words he uses: “The isolation, secrecy, guilt and anguish of many paedophiles are not intrinsic to the phenomen[on] but are derived from the extreme social repression placed on minorities”.13 Such words are deliberately chosen to evoke a feeling of, “Those poor men! The anguish and suffering they must endure, because society won’t accept them!”

He went on: “Paedophiles are told they are the seducers and rapists of children; they know their experiences are often loving and tender ones.” Note again how he is softening people up to take a more lenient, “tolerant” and sympathetic view of this abomination.

This same paedophilia-promoting professor published a chapter he wrote in a 1991 book entitled Male Intergenerational Intimacy on his personal blog in 2012. He said: “As homosexuality has become slightly less open to sustained moral panic [remember this was written way back in 1991], the new pariah of ‘child molester’ has become the latest folk devil.” In other words, angry rejection by society of those who indulge in sex with children is nothing but an unreasonable reaction to something people just don’t understand. What satanic evil is abroad in our world today!

Incest: Another “Right” to be Forced on Society

In 2014 a judge in Australia – a judge! – declared that incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings! Judge Garry Neilson, from the district court in the state of New South Wales, likened incest to homosexuality, which was once regarded as criminal and unnatural but is now widely accepted. He even implied that adult-child sex was acceptable as well. Here are his words: “A jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ‘available’, not having [a] sexual partner. If this was the 1950s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you’d invariably have, they would say it’s unnatural for a man to be interested in another man or a man being interested in a boy. Those things have gone.”14

As I have said: these other fringe groups will use precisely the same tactics as the sodomites used to get their unnatural lusts legitimised by society, and eventually by the law. And this judge revealed the depravity of his heart when he went on to say that incest is only a crime because it may lead to abnormalities in children, but that this rationale was increasingly irrelevant because of the availability of contraception and abortion!

So: this “upholder of the law” calls for sexual relations between siblings to be permitted, and if a child is conceived, oh well – just murder the baby and go on committing incest!

In Australia there was the judge; in Germany a government ethics committee said in 2014 that Germany’s anti-incest laws, banning incest between siblings, could be scrapped after the committee said they were an unacceptable intrusion into the “right” to “sexual self-determination”. It called it nothing less than a “fundamental” right: “Criminal law is not the appropriate means to preserve a social taboo. The fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination is to be weighed more heavily than the abstract idea of protection of the family.”15 Sibling incest is a “fundamental right” but protection of the family is merely an “abstract idea”!

This is the world we now inhabit. Can the judgment of God be far off? “As it was in the days of Noah”; “as it was in the days of Lot” (Lk. 17:26-29).

Cultural Communism and the Ultimate Abolition of All Marriage

What is the reason for all this madness? It is Cultural Communism. It is State power. It is nothing less than a war against God Himself, and His Word, the Bible. Cultural Communism (also called Gramscian Communism) seeks to destroy a culture by breaking down and eventually removing all the pillars upon which that culture, or society, is built. And in the Protestant West, this means destroying those pillars which are rooted in the Bible. Destroy the institution of marriage; destroy the family unit; destroy freedom of religion; destroy Christianity. Individuals and families are the losers, and the State is the gainer.

Communism from its inception has called for the destruction of the family; cultural Communism is succeeding in this aim. By weakening and ultimately destroying the family unit, and (it is hoped) churches, the State fills the vacuum that the destruction of these institutions creates. When these are destroyed, government control over people increases.

By redefining marriage, the sodomite movement will render it meaningless in the end – which is precisely what they want to do. Here’s a surprise for many: obtaining legality for “gay marriage” was never actually the final goal! The final goal is to make it possible for so many different interpretations of marriage that with time, marriage itself just becomes meaningless and falls away. And when that happens, the family unit falls apart, and the State steps into the vacuum created.

As proof that the actual abolition of marriage is the ultimate goal: Tamara Metz, an associate professor of political science and humanities, wrote a portion of the article in The Nation that was mentioned earlier. Her portion was entitled, “What’s Next? Disestablish Marriage!” She wrote: “Abolish the legal category [of marriage]. Even as we savor the victory for civil equality this week, we should start to push for disestablishing marriage….”16

And Masha Gessen, a lesbian author, actually came out and admitted, in an interview in 2012, that sodomite activists were lying about their real agenda. She said: “It’s a no-brainer that [sodomites] should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist…. [F]ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there – because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist…. I have three kids who have five parents, more or less, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally…. I met my new partner, and she had just had a baby, and that baby’s biological father is my brother, and my daughter’s biological father is a man who lives in Russia, and my adopted son also considers him his father. So the five parents break down into two groups of three…. And really, I would like to live in a legal system that is capable of reflecting that reality, and I don’t think that’s compatible with the institution of marriage.”17

The steps, then, in the destruction of the family are these:

First, they pushed “living together” rather than marriage. Second, they promoted easy divorce. Third, they promoted the concept of the “career mother”, telling women they can have children and a career as well, by making use of day care (surrogate mothers in reality) so that they can pursue their careers, thereby separating children from their mothers. Fourth, they pushed State education, the public school system, where again children are separated from their parents for virtually the whole day, being placed under the control of teachers who push all kinds of immoral lifestyles and a Marxist education on the children. Fifth, they pushed “gay rights”, the abominable concept that sodomy is an “alternative lifestyle”, and that children should be encouraged to explore whether they are in fact “gay”. Sixth, they are promoting other kinds of different “family” arrangements, such as polygamy. Seventh, they are pushing for the acceptance and eventual legalisation of paedophilia, incest, sibling “marriage”, father-daughter or mother-son “marriage”, marriage between three or more men and three or more women, bestiality, etc., etc.

Cultural Communism and Jesuitism

There is a group called “Beyond Marriage”, and a prominent person in it is one Chai Feldblum, who is a Georgetown University law professor and a commissioner on the Equal Opportunity Commission under President Obama. And please note: Georgetown is a Jesuit university! Feldblum wrote a paper entitled “Gay is Good: The Moral Case for Marriage Equality and More”. That is disgusting enough. But take note of this quote of his: he argues “the moral case for supporting the range of other creative ways in which we currently construct our intimate relations outside of marriage”.18

A Jesuit university employs this law professor, a man who supports sodomy and calls for “other creative ways” of having relationships outside of marriage! This shows how Rome’s Jesuits are involved in this massive societal shift. Don’t let Rome’s supposed support for traditional marriage fool you: it will do everything and anything to destroy society, if by this means its own power over the masses increases.

And it will be assisted in this by those harlot daughters of the Mother Whore of Rome – those socalled “Protestant” institutions masquerading as Christian churches and denominations – which have embraced sodomy and sodomite “marriage”, and blasphemously claim that this is what God wants. They are religious fools, pawns in the cultural Marxists’ hands, doing the devil’s work by convincing “christians” that sodomy is right and proper in the eyes of God. They will have their reward in the lake of fire. These are not true Christians, they are Satan’s own goats pretending to be the Lord’s sheep.

Furthermore, cultural Communists want to destroy religious institutions; this too has always been the Reds’ target. And significantly, Feldblum also said, “I’m having a hard time coming up with any case [in America] in which religious freedom should win”.19 What he was saying is that religious freedom should give way to the “rights” of sodomites and various other bizarre and abominable groups demanding recognition. At first it might seem incredible that a professor at a Roman Catholic Jesuit university should say such a thing. But it’s not that incredible when one realises that Roman Catholicism has always opposed religious freedom! The only religion it believes has the right to exist is the Roman Catholic religion. And with Rome finding common cause with Communism, doubtless it believes that in this new world that is being created, the Roman Catholic religion will still exist, but all others will be destroyed. Exactly as it has wanted for centuries.

Many years ago, George Orwell wrote the terrifying book, 1984, in which he described the world we are now living in. And one of the aspects of it was that the masses must believe what the masters tell them, even if their own eyes tell them differently. They must accept that the masters know best, they are the experts, and we must see black as white if they say so. Actually, this is Jesuitism. “We must see black as white, if the Church says so”, said the Jesuit founder, Ignatius de Loyola.20

And so it has come to pass. We must look at a man who has had plastic surgery and accept him as a woman – otherwise we are the crazy ones. And not only are we crazy, we are also intolerant, bigoted, hate-filled, narrow-minded, and archaic. We must look at a white woman and yet accept that she is black because she says she is – and if we don’t, we are the crazy ones, and intolerant, bigoted, hatefilled, narrow-minded, and archaic..

And so it goes on.

The true Gospel of Jesus Christ alone is the only answer to all this madness! And only the preaching of the true Gospel to poor, deluded souls will ever show them what sin has done to them, if it pleases the Lord to open their eyes. True Christians are to proclaim the glad tidings to all who are lost and miserable, including all who experience sinful, unnatural desires for what the Lord has forbidden. “Come unto me,” said the Lord Jesus Christ, “all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matt. 11:28-30). All men and women are sinners; but regardless of what sins they have committed, there is rest for them, salvation from their sins for them, peace for them, at the feet of the Saviour, if they come to Him.

July 2015



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