The Marks of a Cult: A Biblical Analysis

James K. Walker
Watchman Fellowship, Inc.


How can we recognize a counterfeit church or a group that is theologically cultic? What are the differences between another Christian denomination and a religion promoting imitation Christianity? While there is some doctrinal diversity among all Christian churches and denominations, true Christianity will always be unified on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith – particularly on the message of salvation by grace through faith and the fundamental nature, attributes, and identity of God. A cult of Christianity, however, will usually look Christian to the casual observer. They will self-identify as Christian and may be composed of good people doing good works and using Christian vocabulary. Nevertheless, a theological cult of Christianity will depart from one or more of the essential doctrines of the faith. To help recognize these doctrinal errors, Watchman Fellowship has developed four patterns or marks commonly found in cults. To make it memorable, we use the four functions of math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

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