Who Is Sid Roth? Does He Teach The Truth?

The questions “Who is Sid Roth?” and “Does he teach the truth?” were asked at Yahoo! Answers online a few years ago.  The following response by Elizabeth L. was chosen as the “best answer”:

He is a Messianic Jew who arose out of the New Age doctrines. He obviously brings many of those heresies with him – when he teaches “How to know God”, he tells people that God will come live on the inside of them when they repeat a little prayer – whether they believe that prayer or not! He doesn’t preach the gospel, he teaches goats how to act a little bit like sheep.He also promotes a rising new heresy called Soaking. It is promoted as a sort of “prayer meeting” where individuals pray or meditate together in order to get closer to God. The truth is, these meetings arise out of a Messianic Jewish doctrine which teaches Jews are the root of salvation, instead of Christ. It teaches people that they must become like Jews to have fire and power in their congregations. (Celebrating the OT feasts, worshiping in Hebrew, abiding by the law) It is not anti-semitic to point out that the Apostle Paul warned about Judaizers who try to come into the church. Paul wasn’t anti-semitic, he WAS born Jewish. But the gospel of grace and the works of the law will never mix. One is freedom and liberty in Christ, the other is bondage and deception with Jerusalem which now is. (Galatians) 

Be careful here – you may not realize it right away, but you will also find worshipers of the Star of Remphan (New Age/occult) in these groups…it starts off subtle, but eventually that demonic spirit will come in and try to take over. People are gullible, and if Christians listen to men like Roth instead of reading their Bibles, then it will be easy to get caught up in this sort of bondage.

If you listen to how Sid Roth describes his “new birth” experience, notice that he himself prayed a prayer that he didn’t believe (Romans 10 – you can’t call on a Savior you don’t believe in), and now he’s teaching others to do the same.

Paul said let any who preaches another “gospel” which is NOT the gospel, let them be accursed. Sid Roth preaches another gospel which is not another.

Do not fall for his doctrines! He professes Jesus, but he perverts the gospel. You can’t have one without the other.


God’s Holy Word
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