Yet Another One – An Undiscerning Believer – Is Being Deceived!

Learn to Discern Granny


Not long ago a dear friend wrote me an e-mail that she titled: “Yet Another One.” In her note she wrote that a former pastor’s wife had just messaged many on Facebook touting “Jesus Calling.” Now this seasoned pastor’s wife seemed to have absolutely no clue, or discernment, that there were any problems with Sarah Young’s devotional Jesus Calling. Sadly, she had never read Warren Smith’s classic critique: Another Jesus Calling.

Some Are Unaware

This made me think of many other ladies, often seniors, I had already encountered that thought Jesus Calling the very best devotional ever. There was the friend of my friend, a Bible study leader loved by many, who promoted Jesus Calling. There was the senior lady to whom we mentioned Jesus Calling as problematic who immediately asserted it was wonderful. There was the lady at an apologetics meeting who confessed to the attendees she’d been in a group who used it as a Bible Study. And there was the lady at a luncheon who couldn’t get over the fact it could be dangerous. Now, mind you, all these women were sincere, and assumed to be mature Christians. Yet, all were hooked on Jesus Calling having no idea it was birthed out of the channeled book: God Calling.

Some Are Not Discerning

Why are these ladies so easily led astray? I believe one of the biggest reasons is their intense fascination with something more, and something new rather than as Peter admonished, “As newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.” (I Peter 2:2)

And is often the case, few, if any, have warned these believers that they themselves should research, and ask questions about these daily devotionals, and so-called “Bible Studies.” In most instances, not even their pastors have looked into the studies either, much less warned about them. Pastors too, like many others, have bought into the notion we should not be critical of any one especially those who declare themselves Christians. Maybe, it is like one church where it’s assumed that they are all so solidly biblical, that few false teachings will ever seep into their pews. Oh, how they are mistaken!

When one realizes there is deception within these studies and says something, those offended turn away angrily, or give huffy reasons why these books just have to be good. And if one goes to her pastor to question a particular study often the answer is: “I trust Mrs. ….. she is such an astounding prayer warrior, and just an amazing Bible teacher.” Meantime, the studies go on and on and there is always “Yet Another One” to fall victim to their teachings.

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